Hyundai announced that the much-talked-about and long-awaited Ioniq 6 would have a sleek, classic look. The car is the second model in the Ioniq line of electric vehicles that the company makes.

Hyundai calls the Ioniq 6 the "Electrified Streamliner" because of how sleek and aerodynamic the car is. The vehicle is also made with several environmentally friendly materials that align with the electrical standards of the future.

The Ioniq 6 electric car was heavily influenced by the concept of car Prophecy. Because of this, it has clean, simple lines that make it aerodynamic. Hyundai's designers call this shape "Emotional Efficiency." The Ioniq 6 has a simple body and a well-thought-out interior that makes it look like a cocoon. Together, these features make it look like an electric car of the future. The overall design theme is called "Ethical Uniqueness," which shows how customer-focused Hyundai is regarding energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Ioniq 6 makes a connection between how something works and how it looks.

Through its energy efficiency and use of sustainable materials, the Ioniq 6 has a unique and ethical design. The car's design was made with people in mind from the start, and the inside was done simultaneously with the outside. Several steps have been taken to make the most of and improve the interior. Extending the passenger area forward and backward gives the car a unique, streamlined shape and a large interior.

Like the award-winning Ioniq 5 electric car, the Ioniq 6 electric car uses Hyundai's Look design strategy, which gives each model a unique look, like the pieces on a chessboard. Hyundai makes cars that fit a wide range of lifestyles by putting the customer first instead of trying to make one style that works for everyone.

Ioniq 6 is an electric streamliner that brings to life the idea of "Emotional Efficiency," which means being good at dealing with feelings. This is done by meeting the needs for both good looks and usefulness. The clean, aerodynamic shape has simple, beautiful lines that make it a new type of electric car.

The car's air resistance coefficient is only 0.21, which is very low. This is partly because of the soft nose, smart active air intakes, shorter wheelbase, and the possibility of narrow digital side mirrors. The car also has aerodynamic features like an elliptical spoiler winglet that looks like a wing, a boat-tail design, and air flow profiles. The car's aerodynamics have been improved by covering the whole bottom, making the deflectors work better, and filling in the spaces between the wheel arches.

Over 700 parametric pixels are also built into the design of the Ioniq 6. These pixels are in the headlights, taillights, sensors, around the air vents, and in the center console. Everything to make Ioniq's unique identity clearer and more robust.

When the car stops, the rear spoiler has built-in light pixels that change into a striking pattern. Both the front and rear of the Ioniq 6 have the new H-emblem from Hyundai.

The inside of the Ioniq 6 electric car is shaped like a cocoon, comfortable, and made for personal experience. It is full of valuable features and eco-friendly materials that make it easy to move around in a way that is both smart and good for the environment.

With Hyundai's groundbreaking dedicated electric car platform, E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), designers were free to stretch the interior forward and backward. So, the car has enough space and legroom to make it very comfortable. Like in the Ioniq 5, the platform in the Ioniq 6 has an entirely flat floor, which makes it feel like there is a lot of room.

The interior architecture is made with the user in mind. You can see this in the ergonomic and easy-to-use control surfaces that keep you from getting distracted while driving. The modular screen interface, two large 12-inch screens, is cleverly built into the interior, and the center console's bridge design makes it a great place to store things.

Interior lighting in the Ioniq 6 is stylish, thanks to atmospheric lighting in two zones. You can choose from 64 colors, and color experts have already set up six two-tone themes to make you feel at ease on board. The four-pixel lights on the steering wheel allow the driver and the car to talk to each other.

By taking the buttons off the front doors, more space has been made in the passenger area, and more storage space has been added simultaneously. Doors and consoles have transparent panels that make the room feel even more significant.

The Ioniq 6's interior is made of eco-friendly materials and comes in many stylish color combinations. You get organically treated leather in the seats, bio-PET in the roof cover, art made from bio-TPO in the dashboard, bio lacquer made with vegetable oils, and recycled fishing nets in the floor mats things.


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