Fiat has regained its position as the market leader in Brazil. Toward the end of the month, it had a 21% share and 35,681 units sold, with more than 7,700 cars ahead of second place. Along with its top-selling Fiat Nova Strada (10,897 units), Fiat Argo (6,103 license plates), and Fiat Pulse (5,300 vehicles), which came in second place among Brazilian SUV sales in October, the brand also sold well in the Top 10.

Fiat's dominance in retail and wholesale channels was yet another high point for July. As a result, the brand had the highest market share in retail and direct sales, with 17.3% and 24.5, respectively.

Fiat, too, has a lot to celebrate this year. With 61,945 thousand units sold, a 21.7 percent share of the best-selling brands, and more than 222,000 vehicles sold, the Fiat Strada remains the best-selling car in 2022. One of the year's most popular apps, Mobi, came in eighth place with 34,948 downloads. However, the FiatPulse climbed one place to become Brazil's fourth most popular SUV in its first year of sales. It's also worth noting that the brand has strengthened its position in the primary market segments. It had a 23.5 percent lead in hatchbacks, a 53.9 percent lead in pickups, and a 33.9 percent lead in vans (36.8 percent) in the first seven months of the year.

July was a busy month for Fiat and Abarth regarding new product announcements. Abarth's brand launch strategy in Brazil included some important details about its Fiat Pulse Abarth model, which was the show's star. When it debuts in the fourth quarter of this year, the T270 engine will provide 185 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. According to some performance data, the car's 0 to 100 km/h time is less than 8 seconds, and its top speed is more than 210 km/h.

The Fiat Pulse Abarth was revealed as the race's godmother car, completing the sponsorship announcements for the inaugural season of the Brazilian Formula 4 Championship. The brand also has a stand with a Pulse Abarth exhibition at each stage. Also, its logo is stamped on the drivers' uniforms, cars, podium, bleachers, and sides of the track and content on official social networks. Tatuus F4 T-021 single-seaters are powered by Abarth-Autotecnica 1.4-liter engines made in Italy, and this is something to keep in mind.

Along with the 2023 Cronos line, Fiat introduced the Firefly 1.0 engine and new CVT transmission in July, increasing its competitiveness and market reach in the segment. New for the month was the Argo MY23's redesigned interior and exterior. New Sound Design applied to vehicles, a new sound experience for the user that offers even more driving pleasure, was also unveiled by the brand in July of this year. This was followed by the Fiat Strada MY23, which was even more modern with the addition of more standard equipment and a new color option, Gray Strato.


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