BMW has previously released two all-electric vehicles with the name M in the model: the big BMW i4 M50 coupe and the BMW iX M60 electric SUV. The BMW i7 M70 luxury electric vehicle will join them next year. They all provide the expected BMW performance and handling qualities, but the M trim level offers much more.

BMW M GmbH, the creator of the most refined M models, has announced the arrival of the first fully electric "pure" M model, promising an even more electric driving experience. As a result, the standard for dynamic quality and efficiency has been pushed even higher.
After extensive testing on computer models and in labs, the next step is to put hardware and software through their paces in real-world conditions by driving them onto public roads. The whole thing takes place inside a one-of-a-kind test vehicle designed by BMW M GmbH's R&D team.
The test vehicle's chassis and electric powertrain are unique, while its body is based on the BMW i4 M50. The broad wheel arches in true BMW M fashion show that the front and rear axles were built for dynamic driving pleasure. The car's suspension is also derived from the flagship BMW M3/M4. There is a plethora of measuring equipment within the test vehicle, all of which are utilized to scrutinize the car in various driving conditions. The theory from the programming can be put into practice in a rolling laboratory using the test car, which then serves as a foundation for further research and correction.
Dynamic M xDrive four-wheel drive is powered by four electric motors in this test vehicle, all of which are linked via a central control unit. When each wheel is powered by its electric motor, a wide range of new options for force distribution become available. The four engines receive their instructions from the central processing unit and are sent on to a multi-plate clutch and differentials. A range of values, including pedal position, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, wheel speeds, and others, are used to calculate the power sent to the wheels. Since the stresses and torques of the electric motors can be dosed so precisely in milliseconds, the pressure on the pedal can realize a level of dynamics that is impossible with conventional drive systems. This makes it possible for the BMW M's future electric sports cars to have a nuanced driving experience.
BMW M has demonstrated its development prowess and, by extension, its capacity to translate the spirit of the letter M from internal combustion engine vehicles to future electric models by introducing a brand-new powertrain idea. To ensure that future electric cars from BMW GmbH share the same performance and experience through power and dynamics that allow controllable handling right up to the limits of BMW's M automobiles, the work being done with the test car at the moment is vital.


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