The dezlCam LGV710 is a specialized addition to the dezl LGV navigation device family for commercial drivers. Its truck-oriented navigation features are based on the LGV710 and a 7-inch sat-nav. Also, an HD camera has been set up to monitor the traffic conditions 24/7 and record any incidents for use as evidence. The camera's constant monitoring of the road allows it to detect and alert drivers to potentially hazardous situations, such as drifting out of their lane or coming dangerously close to the vehicles in front of them. Because of these features and the truck-specific navigation options, the new dezlCam LGV710 is the perfect companion for hard daily work and adds an extra layer of protection.

Drivers of large trucks can get customized route instructions that consider their vehicle's dimensions, weight, hazardous goods class, and other factors to forewarn them of obstacles like low bridges, weight limits, tight turns, and steep inclines. In addition to accounting for emission standards, the route planner also provides details about environmental zones encountered along the way. With the improved route planning feature, you can set up rest stops, breaks while driving, and places to stay overnight along the route in advance.

The dezl app on a smartphone is integrated with Truck Parking Europe's data to help locate available parking spots for trucks, with real-time occupancy status also displayed. In addition to local gas prices and traffic updates, the app provides weather reports and data from nearby gas stations. Smart notifications allow in-display alerts for new messages and incoming calls. The dezlCam incorporates customizable features from Garmin, including a voice assistant and hands-free Bluetooth connectivity. If the car can't be located directly, the dezl app can be used to retrieve the GPS's last known location.

The built-in 1080p camera's lens can be adjusted to face any direction, giving it a wide, 140-degree field of view for recording the road ahead. When the navigation system is turned on, it automatically begins functioning. When the dezlCam detects motion, it records the 15 seconds before and after the event on the micro SD card. Using the dezlCam gallery or a (compatible) smartphone, you can access and playback any of the videos you've saved with the Garmin dezl app.

Using WiFi, the app can also upload videos recorded with a dezlCam to a secure cloud storage service called Vault. The dezl app allows access to them for 24 hours, save them locally, securely share, or delete them. Storage duration can be extended by purchasing additional subscriptions. In addition to recording your journey for later review, this camera can serve as a helpful safety net by sounding an alarm if you drift out of your lane or if the gap between you and the car ahead becomes too narrow.

Truck drivers can upgrade their experience with the new dezl LGV by using it in conjunction with many Garmin products and services (each sold separately). The Instinct 2-dezl Edition trucker smartwatch features all-day health tracking, workouts for breaks with exercise guidance via the dezl app, a break timer, and the new dezl 100 and 200 headsets feature up to 50 hours of Bluetooth talk time and active noise cancellation for speaker and microphone. Connecting the new BC 50 and BC 50 Night Vision backup cameras to the navigation system is brilliant.


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