Outokumpu, a world leader in sustainable stainless steel, has chosen Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to transform its IT landscape with an agile and secure cloud-based digital foundation. The goal is to reduce the company's impact on the environment and boost its strategic goals.

Outokumpu is an international conglomerate with headquarters in Finland, a workforce of around 9,000, and operations in more than 30 countries. The company consistently works to improve its market dominance and differentiate itself from the competition. The company has already started moving to the cloud and has made a long-term strategic partnership with TCS to build a cutting-edge hybrid cloud platform to help them reach this goal.

TCS will assist Outokumpu in laying a new digital foundation based on cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), drawing on its extensive experience in the steel industry. The steel company will move its most important manufacturing and SAP systems to Azure and switch to a hybrid cloud architecture.

Further, TCS will introduce new digital end-user services tailored to the specific requirements of Outokumpu's divisions so that they can reap the benefits of the transformation to the fullest extent possible. The TCS Cognix for Workplace, an AI-powered human-machine collaboration suite, will be used with the company's Machine First strategy to streamline production management. The result will be an intelligent and user-friendly office environment for Outokumpu's staff.

The enterprise's new digital foundation, built on the cloud, will increase its resilience, scalability, and adaptability. Outokumpu anticipates that widespread ease of access to cutting-edge technology will spur innovation and hasten the company's progress toward its digital manufacturing objectives. This change will help Outokumpu reach its goal of becoming the world's best source of environmentally friendly stainless steel.

"TCS has been selected as our partner to provide a stable and extensible digital platform suitable for our company's operations. With TCS's cloud-first approach and in-depth knowledge of the steel industry, we can boost efficiency, cut costs, and meet our sustainability targets. TCS' automation solution guarantees the steady performance of our most crucial operations and provides avenues for service modernization by utilizing the company's integrated security management and identity-based access across all service levels," says Stefan Erdmann, Chief Technology Officer at Outokumpu.

"We're ecstatic that Outokumpu, a storied company in the steel industry, has decided to team up with us. Their digital transformation will be aided, and their business vision will be brought to fruition through this partnership. Through this partnership, TCS will help Outokumpu increase its agility, enhance its user experience, lessen its environmental impact, and bolster its competitive differentiation by drawing on its extensive contextual and industry knowledge, expertise in cutting-edge digital technology, and innovative cloud-first solution. The collaboration solidifies our role as a partner for growth and transformation in the strategic Nordic region," says Avinash Limaye, Nordic Manager for TCS.


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